A Message from County Executive Jeff Richardson and Superintendent Matthew Haas

Albemarle County works hard to keep our community safe. For decades, Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) has worked with the Albemarle County Local Government’s Police & Fire Rescue Departments (ACPD & ACFR) to put plans and procedures in place for a range of emergency scenarios. Over the last several years and months, our nation has witnessed an increase in both the frequency and the visibility of violent events that take place in schools. These events can have a profound effect on students, families, school employees, and all members of the community, whether they take place locally or in a far-off location.

We recognize the great benefit of expanding the collaboration between the school division and local government through shared trainings and planning. The County has recently begun the implementation of enhanced coordinated response trainings and over the next six months will be working with subject matter experts from across the Commonwealth and the nation to strengthen our crisis response policies and tactics. We hope that it won’t be necessary to put these plans into action but understand that our community’s safety and well-being are best served by taking these steps.

We remain dedicated to maintaining the safety and security of each member of our community.