For Black History Month, we have compiled a Bingo card of outdoor, historical sites around Albemarle County and Charlottesville City.  Our goal is to link elementary history SOLs to our local history.  Throughout February, we will be featuring these sites on Bobcat News for your children.  We hope your family can visit some of these places together and learn more about the history of our area in a safe, and engaging way.  If your family makes a visit, please send a photo to Mr. Chrobak ( to be featured in the Bobcat News. 

Here is the Bingo card:  Black History Month Sights to See!

You can also visit the sites virtually using this Google Map.


Memorial to Enslaved Laborers at UVA

3rd Street Entrance to the Paramount Theater

The Charlottesville 12 at the Albemarle County Building

The Albemarle 26 at Stone Robinson Elementary

Carr/Greer Family Residence located at Ivy Creek Natural Area

Charles B. Holt Rock House

Baker-Butler Elementary School

Black Owned Restaurants in Charlottesville

Daughters of Zion Cemetery

Curtis Elder Track and Field Complex

Free State Community

Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

Court Square Auction Block

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Kitty Foster's Homestead and Cemetery at UVA

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